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What makes you hesitating between Chloride mgo board & Sulfate mgo board I was astonished by one customers' words and pictures.



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We are a professional manufacturer of the chloride free (pure sulfate) mgo board in China.
With the new technology and morden production facility, we aim to provide consistency

quality, competitive and unique advantage product for you.

What makes you hesitating between Chloride mgo board & Sulfate mgo board I was astonished by one customers' words and pictures.

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Customer: we only do high quality mgo board……but the pictures is the wet chloride mgo board
  Customer: we only do high quality mgo board……but the pictures is the wet chloride mgo board
  Rosa's feedback to Customer 
  Pls check the attachment.
  This is just an example. 
  So many customer's feedback will like this
  Dear Customers, it is very easy for you to Google the chloride mgo board info to see the Scandal of chloride mgo board in Denmark. 
  Maybe you said, you don't believe it. But let's see these pictures here. 
  Then some mgo board suppliers will say
  Our mgo board no problem, we put some special waterproof paint, it can prevent mgo board absorbing water……
  are you convinced by their saying ? 
  If yes, then you were fooled. 
  If supplier said they use mixture formula, 50% chloride + 50% sulfate
What makes you
  Think about it carefully. Absorb water is the natural characteristic of Chloride ion, nothing can stop it, just like you cannot stop the raining. for you, you only have the umbrella. 
  Dear Customers, maybe you already heard some bad news for chloride mgo board, but you did not do something, you are hesitating, because……
  Chloride mgo board is cheaper ?
  Chloride mgo board strength is better ?
  We have used more than 8, more than 10 years, no problem ?
  Let's make a conclusion, maybe can just use one sentence: 
  You care the short-term benefit 
  You are enjoying in this and do not want to make a change. your role is just like the man in the 'who moved my cheese'
  Dear Suppliers, if you keep saying chloride mgo board no problem to your clients. you are lying. Actually, even you know you are lying, but you still do it. 
What makes you hesitating between Chloride mgo board & Sulfate mgo board I was astonished by
  Why ? 
  Because short-term benefit 
  Mgo board 
  So many special advantage
  A1 Fireproof; 
  Environmentally Friendly 
  Easy Cut, Easy Screw, Easy Application 
  But people are ruining the Mgo board reputation now. 
  Some customers, some supplier noticed the seriousness of this problem. They begin do something, they begin do change, they begin to choose sulfate. 
  Let's only focus on pure sulfate mgo board.
  Do only pure sulfate mgo board. 
  YES, we will heard some voice.
  You will loose customer, you will loose market, you will loose money. 
  All those not important. The only important thing is what we are doing is right. 
  This is the main reason we set up the new factory and we will only focus on the pure sulfate mgo board.