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Kaiyuan Shangcheng International, Building, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong, China


TEL:+86 539 8191393

WhatsApp+86 18253977770

Wechat+86 18253977770


We are a professional manufacturer of the chloride free (pure sulfate) mgo board in China.
With the new technology and morden production facility, we aim to provide consistency

quality, competitive and unique advantage product for you.

Company Profile

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SHANDONG ZHUCHEN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is a manufacturer of pure sulfate Magnesium Oxide board/MgO Board, DON’T use any magnesium chloride and totally chloride free.

Our factory is equipped with high automatic machine and mature new technology to make the pure sulfate Magnesium Oxide Board. From the raw materials to the test of the final products, we take care of every single detail. Because we take the quality as our life. We have strict test of the raw materials, prefect control of the produce process and strict control of the curing process. Our engineer has over 21 years in this area from the first generation MgO board factory, we could make the board based on your special requirements. 
Now our boards have already sell to many counties of the world, such as America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France etc. We believe we could provide you the special value with our best service and unique product.
1.Professional export team: full of experience to handle the export, transportation, files and documents.
2.Experienced engineer and workers for production
3.Strict production procedures and automatic machine to ensure the quality of our products
4.Professional in OEM/ODM, making to boards based on customers’ requirements
Company Profile    Company Profile

A new kind of magnesium oxide board without any magnesium chloride, totally chloride-free,

no risk of moisture absoption and steel rust problems.

Pure Sulfate MgO Board