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We are a professional manufacturer of the chloride free (pure sulfate) mgo board in China. With the new technology and morden production facility, we aim to provide consistency quality, competitive and unique advantage product for you.



Kaiyuan Shangcheng International, Building, Lanshan District, Linyi City, Shandong, China


TEL:+86 539 8191393

WhatsApp+86 18253977770

Wechat+86 18253977770

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A new kind of magnesium oxide board without any magnesium chloride, totally chloride-free,

no risk of moisture absorption and steel rust problems.

Pure Sulfate MgO Board

Customized Board

Sometimes you will have some special requirements that need some customization; if you have your ideas, we could discuss and make the board based on your requirements.

This is the standard MgO board, it has a smooth surface and rough backside. It is widely used in decoration and construction. Because of its nice fireproof performance and much stronger than the gypsum board, it is very popular for replacing the gypsum board.

Standard MgO Board

Premium Sanding MgO Board

A premium quality MgO board, it has a very smooth surface and sanded backside, the production process is different from the common MgO board. Its backside has been sanded, so the thickness tolerance is minimal. Except for the standard application, more suitable for deep processes, such as combine with decorative paper into new material.

Specially designed for the projects need high strength performance. For examples, floorings. To this board, we use over 6 layers of high strength fiberglass mesh. Also, we choose a very nice glue coated fiberglass mesh. This mesh is much longer working life and stronger than the common mesh.

Strong MgO Floorboard

 Decorative Laminated Board

HPL laminated MgO board and melamine paper laminated MgO board. This board combines the HPL/melamine paper on the Sanding MgO board. So, it has both the advantaged of the HPL/Melamine and the MgO board. Fireproof, high strength, waterproof and easy to clean.

Our Products-Pure Sulfate


Mold/Mildew Resistant

High strength

Easy Installation


Wide application



Light weight

Low water absorption

No Rust the steel

Non combustible

Advantages of MgO Board

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